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Parashara Rishi is a Rigvedic Maharishi and author of many ancient Indian texts. There are several texts which give reference to Parashara Rishi as an author/speaker. The actual sage himself never wrote the texts, he was known as a preacher, and the various texts attributed to him are given in reference to Parashara Rishi being the speaker to his student.

It is difficult to be accurate about the period of Parashara Rishi but according to popular belief he belonged to the Mahabharata period which is estimated to be 3200 BC approximately. The depth of his astrological knowledge was so great of Parashara Rishi that, one day while crossing a river in a boat, he casually looked at his favourite stars in heaven, and suddenly realized that it was an exceptionally auspicious moment and if a child is conceived at that moment, he will be an expert in the Shastra's. So he told this to the lady rowing the boat and requested her to marry him. She agreed and the son born was Veda Vyasa, who wrote 18 Puranas including the great epic Mahabharata, which includes the famous Bhagavat Gita, the Brahma Sutras and the Uttara Mimansa and also authored Parashara Samhita and Parashara Smriti.

Texts attributed to Parashara Rishi

  • Author of verses in the Rigveda: Recorded as the author of RV 1.65-73 and part of RV 9.97. 
  • Parāśara Smriti (also called Parāśara Dharma Samhita): A code of laws which is stated in the text to be for the present Kali Yuga. 
  • Speaker of Visnu Purana considered by scholars as one of the earliest Puranas.
  • Speaker of the Bhat Parāśara Horāśāstra, also written as BPHS. It is considered a foundational text of astrology. The Sanskrit in which it is composed dates to the 7th or 8th centuries. 
  • Speaker of the Vrikshayurveda("the science of life of trees"), one of the earliest texts on botany. This text was considered to be an ancient botany primer for students of Traditional Indian Medicine.

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